Registering for a Course

To register for a course, you will need to

  • register on the MOOC site (#1).
  • enroll in a course (#2)

1_Registering on the MOOC Site

1.1) Please go to

1.2) Click on Log in









1.3) Click on Create new account, and complete information as needed

create new account







1.4) After you have entered and submitted your information, you will receive an email at the  address you provided in your registration. Please confirm your registration. You will then be taken to a page on the MOOC on which you can enroll for a course ( see below)

2_Enrolling in a Course

2.1) Click on Site Home ( top left corner)

site home










2.2) Click on the course that is of interest to you – in this example, Funding for AAC for Children and Young Adults








2.3) Click on the black triangle next to the gear symbol ( top right corner),

enroll in course










2.4 Click on Enroll me in this course

enroll me in this course





2.5 Confirm your registration by clicking on Enroll me

enroll me in this course









Congratulations, you are now successfully enrolled in a course!

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