30 years of AAC: Stories from the past, and ideas for the future!

Webcast description

Anthony Arnold describes his use of AAC to support full participation in employment, community living and recreation, and provides ideas for the future development of AAC technology.

First shown at the RERC on AAC State of the Science Conference in Arlington, Va, on July 13, 2018.
Text and photos by Anthony Arnold (video editing by David McNaughton)

Please cite as:

Arnold, A. (2018, July 13). Thirty years of AAC: Stories from the past and ideas for the future! Retrieved from https://aac-learning-center.psu.edu/2018/10/10/30-years-of-aac-stories-from-the-past-and-ideas-for-the-future/

Additional resources
Successful Employment for Individuals who use AAC (webcast)



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