Public school students: Who can pay for SGDs?

Lew Golinker, Esq.
Assistive Technology Law Center

Webcast Description

This presentation provides information on funding resources for public school students who require a speech generating device. Lew Golinker, a lawyer with the Assistive Technology Law Center, describes the  features of four major funding sources:

1) Public schools
2) Health benefit programs (e.g., medicaid, medicare)
3) Vocational Rehabilitation
4) Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Programs

Additional Resources

Handout with slides
• A 32 page handout, including both slides and text, for this presentation

Speech Generating Device Funding for Children
• In this reprint from the September 2009 issue of Exceptional Parent magazine, Lew Golinker (Attorney and AAC Funding Advocate) describes funding sources for AAC technology.

Medicare Funding of AAC Technology
• Web resources that describe eligibility information, assessment protocols, fee schedules and other important information regarding the use of medicare as a funding resource for AAC

Augmentative Communication NewsFunding (December 2006) 
• This issue focuses on government funding for AAC devices around the world, and gives information about ten U.S. funding sources (pdf)

Transcript – txt format 


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